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Mohammad Allagha

Executive Director
"It is time to close the gap between citizens and decision-makers. Only a common understanding and togetherness enables a good and peaceful coexistence."
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Aurelia Luongo

Head of Operations
“Making politics and complex social issues understandable for young people is a big challenge that I want to take on.„
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José Ramon Sabogal Hernandez

Head of International Relations
“Decision-making processes are shifting from political parties to political platforms. Politikos can provide the platform to all the stakeholders.„
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Melisa Sinic

Head Of Communication
“I joined Politikos because understanding politics should not be reserved only for an educated class.„
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Milena Luongo

“I believe that the goals that Politikos pursues are worthy of support and I am therefore committed to the organisation.„
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Ines Atteneder

Content Creator & Social Media Manager
"I am with Politikos because neutral and comprehensible information is crucial for a differentiated assessment of political and socially relevant issues."
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Julian Sarwat

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Nico Schuh

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Menelaos Fisoglu

Project Management
"Politikos provides a basis for understanding different views, participating in dialogue and translating common thoughts into action."
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Laurenz Kollmann

Project Management
"When young people get involved politically, we lay the foundation for innovative ideas and forward-looking policies"
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Beatrice Fleischer

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Raphael Vörösmarty

Graphic & Design